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Partial and Synchronized Captioning: A New Tool for Second Language Learning

This on-going study investigates use of a novel method of captioning, partial and synchronized, as a listening tool for second language learners. The word-level alignment in this method is realized by using an automatic speech recognition system (Julius 4.3) trained for the desired corpora. To generate partial captions we automatically selecting words/phrases which are likely to hinder learner’s listening comprehension. Finally PSCs are automatically prepared for three proficiency levels: "beginners", "pre-intermediates" and "intermediates". Read more here...

The system is currently under further developement in order to constantly analyze user’s requirements for better adaptation, expanding the feature set, and extention over other languages.

Demo Videos:


The videos are streamed from a mirror server for you along with their captions. The captions are disabled by default and should be turned on (how to turn captions on for Windows Media Player ). By clicking on each caption, a tiny playlist file is dowloaded into your system, and you can watch the movie with designated caption by opening this file.

Other Operating Systems:

The videos are best viewed with VLC media player (free). To watch a video with desired caption please download the video and corresponding caption file into the same folder, and then watch the video. The captions are enabled by default (how to turn captions on).


Contact Information

Email: call@sap.ist.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp

Last updated: 26 Feb 2015