A Biped Robot that Keeps Steps in Time with Musical Beats
- Our robot can enjoy music using its own ears -


We aim at enabling a biped robot to interact with humans through real-world music in daily-life environments, e.g., to autonomously keep its steps (stamps) in time with musical beats. To achieve this, the robot should be able to robustly predict the beat times in real time while listening to musical performance with its own ears (head-embedded microphones). However, this has not previously been addressed in most studies on music-synchronized robots due to the difficulty in predicting the beat times in real-world music. To solve this problem, we implemented a beat-tracking method developed in the field of music information processing. The predicted beat times are then used by a feedback-control method that adjusts the robot's step intervals to synchronize its steps in time with the beats. The experimental results show that the robot can adjust its steps in time with the beat times as the tempo changes. The resulting robot needed about 25 [s] to recognize the tempo change after it and then synchronize its steps.


This research was cooperated with Honda Research Institute Japan. The used musical pieces were selected from RWC Music Database.

Author : Kazuyoshi Yoshii (AIST)
mail to k.yoshii(at)aist.go.jp

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