Yoshiaki Bando

Y. Bando moved to AIST.

Yoshiaki Bando

Ph.D. Candidate, JSPS Research Fellow DC1
Email: yoshiaki at kuis.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Interests: Robot Audition, Rescue Robotics, Bayesian Signal Processing
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Hose-shaped Rescue Robot [demo]
We are developing robot audition of a hose-shaped rescue robot that can penetrate into collapsed buildings. Our robot has a microphones array distributed on its body, and recognizes auditory scenes around the robot for finding victims and manupurating the robot.
Field Recording [demo]
We are recording and analysing the auditory scences in the real nature. Based on microphone array signal processing, we are recording the calls of frogs and birds, and studing the ecology of them in their habitat.


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Play some classical pieces of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schumann, and etc. ...
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