Listening test

In this study, you will be performing a simple listening test. It consists of 20 pairs of short audio files, and the same text is spoken in each pair.

Please play all the audio files and fill the questionnaire sent by email.

In the tests, after you listen to the sentence, you will choose a score in the 1 to 5 scale for the audio file you've just heard. This score should reflect your opinion of how good or bad the sentence sounded. Note that you should not judge the grammar or content of the sentence, just how it sounds. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers because you are merely asked to give your opinion.

You are also asked to tell which one sounded better than the other.
  1. A B
  2. A B
  3. A B
  4. A B
  5. A B
  6. A B
  7. A B
  8. A B
  9. A B
  10. A B
  11. A B
  12. A B
  13. A B
  14. A B
  15. A B
  16. A B
  17. A B
  18. A B
  19. A B
  20. A B

.... thank you very much for joining the test!

Last update: 10/21/2005