Specification of 60K Systems

efficient version accurate version
acoustic model PTM 129x64 triphone 2000x16
(3.0MB) (8.6MB)
language model 75 compress10% 75 cutoff-1-1
(54.5MB) (99.7MB)
decoding fast standard
CPU time 2.9x RT 16.9x RT
Acc,Corr(male) 89.1, 90.9c 93.7, 94.6c
Acc,Corr(female) 91.6, 92.7c 93.4, 94.9c
Acc,Corr(GD ave) 90.4, 91.8c 93.6, 94.8c
Acc,Corr(GI) 88.9, 90.5c 93.2, 94.2c

CPU: Ultra SPARC 300MHz
RT (Real Time): 5.8sec./sample

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Tatsuya Kawahara