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Selected Publications of Kawahara Labs. (Kyoto Univ.)

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    Spontaneous Speech Recognition
    • T.Kawahara.
      Transcription system using automatic speech recognition for the Japanese Parliament (Diet).
      In Proc. AAAI/IAAI, pp.2224--2228, 2012. (PDF file)
    • Y.Akita and T.Kawahara.
      Statistical transformation of language and pronunciation models for spontaneous speech recognition.
      IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech \& Language Process., Vol.18, No.6, pp.1539--1549, 2010. (text) (PDF file) (KURENAI)

    Indexing and Annotation of Lectures & Meetings

    • G.Neubig, Y.Akita, S.Mori, and T.Kawahara.
      A monotonic statistical machine translation approach to speaking style transformation.
      Computer Speech and Language, Vol.26, No.5, pp.349--370, 2012. (PDF file)
    • T.Kawahara, M.Hasegawa, K.Shitaoka, T.Kitade, and H.Nanjo.
      Automatic indexing of lecture presentations using unsupervised learning of presumed discourse markers.
      IEEE Trans. Speech \& Audio Process., Vol.12, No.4, pp. 409--419, 2004. (text) (PDF file) (KURENAI)
    • M.Nishida and T.Kawahara.
      Speaker model selection based on Bayesian information criterion applied to unsupervised speaker indexing.
      IEEE Trans. Speech \& Audio Process., Vol.13, No.4, pp. 583--592, 2005. (text) (PDF file)

    Speech Understanding

    • I.R.Lane, T.Kawahara, T.Matsui, and S.Nakamura.
      Out-of-domain utterance detection using classification confidences of multiple topics.
      IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech \& Language Process., Vol.15, No.1, pp.150--161, 2007. (text) (PDF file) (KURENAI)
    • H.Nanjo and T.Kawahara.
      A new ASR evaluation measure and minimum Bayes-risk decoding for open-domain speech understanding.
      In Proc. IEEE-ICASSP, Vol.1, pp.1053--1056, 2005. (PDF file)
    • T.Kawahara, C.-H.Lee, and B.-H.Juang.
      Flexible speech understanding based on combined key-phrase detection and verification.
      IEEE Trans. Speech \& Audio Process., Vol.6, No.6, pp. 558--568, 1998. (text) (PDF file)

    Spoken Dialogue Systems

    • T.Misu and T.Kawahara.
      Bayes risk-based dialogue management for document retrieval system with speech interface.
      Speech Communication, Vol.52, No.1, pp.61--71, 2010. (PDF file)
    • T.Misu and T.Kawahara.
      Dialogue strategy to clarify user's queries for document retrieval system with speech interface.
      Speech Communication, Vol.48, No.9, pp.1137--1150, 2006. (PDF file)
    • K.Komatani, S.Ueno, T.Kawahara, and H.G.Okuno.
      User modeling in spoken dialogue systems to generate flexible guidance.
      User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction, Vol.15, No.1, pp. 169--183, 2005. (PDF file)

    Robust Speech Processing

    • D.Cournapeau, S.Watanabe, A.Nakamura, and T.Kawahara.
      Online unsupervised classification with model comparison in the Variational Bayes framework for voice activity detection.
      IEEE J. Selected Topics in Signal Processing, Vol.4, No.6, pp.1071--1083, 2010. (text) (PDF file) (KURENAI)
    • R.Gomez and T.Kawahara.
      Robust speech recognition based on dereverberation parameter optimization using acoustic model likelihood.
      IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech \& Language Process., Vol.18, No.7, pp.1708--1716, 2010. (text) (PDF file) (KURENAI)
    • Y.Kida and T.Kawahara.
      Evaluation of voice activity detection by combining multiple features with weight adaptation.
      In Proc. INTERSPEECH, pp.1966--1969, 2006. (PDF file)

    CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning)

    • T.Kawahara and N.Minematsu.
      Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Systems.
      Tutorial at InterSpeech 2012. (Kawahara's part; PDF file)
    • H.Wang, C.J.Waple, and T.Kawahara.
      Computer assisted language learning system based on dynamic question generation and error prediction for automatic speech recognition.
      Speech Communication, Vol.51, No.10, pp.995--1005, 2009. (PDF file)
    • Y.Tsubota, T.Kawahara, and M.Dantsuji.
      An English pronunciation learning system for Japanese students based on diagnosis of critical pronunciation errors.
      ReCALL Journal, Vol.16, No.1, pp.173--188, 2004. (PDF file)

    Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Platform

    • A.Lee and T.Kawahara.
      Recent development of open-source speech recognition engine Julius.
      In Proc. APSIPA ASC, pp.131--137, 2009. (PDF file)
    • T.Kawahara, A.Lee, K.Takeda, K.Itou, and K.Shikano.
      Recent progress of open-source LVCSR engine Julius and Japanese model repository.
      In Proc. ICSLP, pp.3069--3072, 2004. (PDF file)
    • A.Lee, T.Kawahara, and K.Shikano.
      Julius -- an open source real-time large vocabulary recognition engine.
      In Proc. EUROSPEECH, pp.1691--1694, 2001. (PDF file)

    Multi-modal Conversation Analysis

    • T.Kawahara.
      Multi-modal sensing and analysis of poster conversations toward smart posterboard.
      In Proc. SIGdial Meeting Discourse \& Dialogue, pp.1--9 (keynote speech), 2012. (PDF file)
    • T.Kawahara.
      Smart posterboard: Multi-modal sensing and analysis of poster conversations.
      In Proc. APSIPA ASC, (plenary overview talk), 2013. (PDF file)